Blinking Tiles Background - Loop Orange

Blinking Tiles Background - Loop Orange

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HD 1080 1920 x 1080 291 MB $39.00
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Blinking Tiles Background - Loop Orange - stock footage
A background animation of colorchanging squares or tiles, fading to black near the bottom. Seamlessly loopable.
ID: 21455   
Clip Format:HD 1080
Duration:00:00:20Multimedia file:QuickTime(.mov)
Total Frames:600Codec:mjpeg (Photo Jpeg)
Frames per Second:30Viewed:552
Aspect Ratio:16:9 nativeDownloads:0
Pixel aspect ratio:1Published:28/02/2015
Field Rendering:Progressive scanCopyright Holder:
Model release:NoProperty release:No



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