Explode Implode Dot Tunnel Bright col 4K with Alpha Animation

Explode Implode Dot Tunnel Bright col 4K with Alpha Animation

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HD 1080 1920 x 1080 196 MB 39.00
SD 854 x 480 54 MB 21.00
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This is a slick and modern motion graphics animation. A tunnel forms from circle particles then explodes to a calmness in the middle before forming back into a tunnel again then the camera travels in as the tunnel then implodes.

Includes alpha channel, so you can change the background to whatever you want, add affects such as nice glows and simply import into your editing software and overlay on anything.

This is the Bright colour version. Other colour variations available or you could alter the hue, colour balance etc yourself easily.

ID: 22131   
Clip Format:HD 1080
Duration:00:00:08Multimedia file:QuickTime(.mov)
Total Frames:240Codec:png
Frames per Second:30Viewed:671
Aspect Ratio:16:9 nativeDownloads:0
Pixel aspect ratio:1Published:29/06/2015
Field Rendering:Progressive scanCopyright Holder:
Model release:NoProperty release:No
I'm a 3D Artist / Animator / Motion designer, that works on a range of work from broadcast design to character animation and have worked for many clients such as Twitter, BBC, Cartoon Network mainly in the UK but can work for clients based anywhere in the world.



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