the end old movie animation alpha

the end old movie animation alpha


HD mov 1920 x 1080 291 MB 39.00
SD mp4 854 x 480 97 MB 21.00
Web mp4 640 x 360 73 MB 14.00

The end old movie animation with luma matte

ID: 17293   
Total Frames:420Downloads:0
Frames per Second:29.97Published:17/10/2013
Aspect Ratio:16:9 nativeCodec:main: mjpeg (Photo Jpeg), mp4: H264
Pixel aspect ratio:1Field Rendering:Progressive scan
Model release:NoProperty release:No



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end old movie film animation alpha luma matte art cinema classic antique vintage retro entertainment frame industry show old hollywood nostalgia style textured texture dirty lines grunge grungy aged the end history motion