editableClips.com & editableAE.com are the open marketplaces for customizable stock video footage and Adobe™ After Effects™ projects. Video, film and television producers anywhere in the world can find and buy instantly downloadable, high-definition, broadcast quality royalty-free footages and projects for use in their productions. Video/film/motion graphics creators and content owners around the world can offer their owned work for licensing and use by others. And, like any vital marketplace, people are able to connect, collaborate and share creative inspiration. 

We believe a video marketplace must provide solid value to buyers and sellers. This means great pricing for buyers, solid financial return for sellers, a useful connection with the production community, and fast, easy systems that embody practical understanding of today’s video production workflow. 

Our content contributors receive an industry-leading 50%-70% payout for licensed content. This has created true marketplace pricing not found anywhere else, and editableClips.com & editableAE.com is able to offer the most affordable broadcast quality HD and SD templates & footages in the market today. 

What we sell

Dazzling, amazing, significant, and staggeringly beautiful editable motion graphics content of all categories and rendering methods, including:  

Customers will receive contact details to author, along with each purchased clip or project template. The designers of all projects are experienced artists, who own full copyright to their works as all necessary source assets.

What we do not sell

We don’t sell “vacation footages” and camera shots like: