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editableClips is a revolutionary new way to buy and sell motion graphics clips on the web. If you are a rights-holder of quality video content and you are talented graphics designer or animator, you are invited to cooperate with us in selling your media online. This is an opportunity for artists everywhere to earn money licensing their work and establish new client relations – simply, quickly and easily.  


What We Offer

  •  70 % Commissions on All Sales!!! 
    Simple and very competitive in the stock industry.
  • Direct contact with customer
    Client will receive your contact details, along with each purchased clip. You can “polish up” your clip or establish long term cooperation under your own rules.
  • A Global Marketplace of Buyers who will be able to search for, preview, purchase, and download your motion graphics instantly, online, 24 hours a day. 
  • A Quick and Easy Workflow. Upload your clips, tag them with info, submit them to the curator and earn. It's that easy.
  • Monthly Payments by Paypal or Skrill (Moneybookers). As your clip portfolio grows, this can mean regular, ongoing income from a relatively small initial investment of time. 
  • A Non-Exclusive Contract and Complete Control Over Your Work. You retain all rights to your work, and can do whatever you like with it, including sell it elsewhere or instantly remove it from the editableClips.com marketplace, no strings attached. 
  • Aggressive Marketing on Your Behalf. Extensive, ongoing campaigns designed to bring business to your doorstep. 

What We Are looking For

We’re looking for dazzling, creative, striking and staggeringly beautiful editable motion graphics content, especially:  

  • motion graphics,
  • 3D/2D animations,
  • visual fx,
  • broadcast designs,
  • jingles,
  • TV leaders and bumpers,
  • motion backgrounds,
  • visualizations,
  • architectural walkthroughs,
  • packshots,
  • character animations,
  • business charts,
  • VJ loops,
  • complicated special shots,
  • brilliant timelapses,
  • green/blue screen footages,
  • infographics

You must have all assets needed to create your clip and be able to recreate it. Regardless of the style of your stock media, it should be of extremely high quality. Commercially-oriented work should be professionally created and carefully selected. Please use your good judgement when uploading your clips and upload only these clips that are likely to be commercially viable. 

Motion Graphics Requirements

QuickTime (.mov), codecs: PhotoJPEG (for non-interlaced footage), quality 95%,
HDV, DVCPRO HD, MJPEG (for interlaced footage)
PNG or Animation: only for clips with embedded alpha channels.
H264 (.mp4), codecs: Variable Bit-Rate (VBR)
- min. 20 Mbps for HD 1280x720
- min. 30 Mbps for HD 1920x1080
- min. 50 Mbps for 4k Video
Resolution 4k (3840x2160, 4096x2160, 4096x2304, 4096×1714, 3996×2160), 
High Definition 1080 (1920x1080), 
High Definition 720 (1280x720)
Frame rate (fps): 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 60
Image aspect ratio: 16:9
Pixel aspect ratio: 1
Length: 5 - 30 seconds
File size:  < 2GB

What We do Not Sell

We don’t sell “vacation footages” and camera shots like:

  • classic stock video: fashion, lifestyle, sports, and location-based footage,
  • editorial and news content,
  • archival footage,

Please do not upload such content to editableClips.com. 

If you own a large collection of clips (>50) and have formatted tags in xls, csv, xml etc. (or you can extract this data from other databases), contact us please. In most cases we will be able to process your files automatically.

Submission Steps

1: Prepare your clips.

  • Render and encode your clips to the format that matches our motion graphics requirements. In most cases motion graphics should be encoded to QuickTime mov, 1920x1080, progressive scan, PhotoJpeg, Quality 95%, 25 or 30fps, 5-30 seconds length.

2: Upload your work 

  • You will need access to a high-speed internet connection to do this, as video file sizes are sometimes very large.
  • You will need FTP access to our servers. If you will not receive your FTP server name, username and password after creation of seller's account, contact us please. BUT FIRST - CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER AND/OR WAIT 12h PLEASE! Sellers' accounts are created manually based on relevant information provided in the application form.
  • You will need any FTP client software. We recommend FileZilla Client which can be downloaded here: http://filezilla-project.org/.
  • Connect to our FTP servers using supplied server name, user name and password.
  • After you upload your clips, we will automatically process them, crating thumbnails and a low-resolution, watermarked version for previewing, and extracting all the relevant technical information (duration, frame rate, etc). Email will be sent to you after the end of this process.
  • Upload your best clips first, please!

3: Tag your clips 

  • Login to your account at www.editableClips.com and go to "My Publications". Tag your clips with info, including a categories, title, description and keywords. Using our intuitive FTP upload module, you can quickly add keywords to your clip. When you’re done, you submit your clips to a curator for review.
  • The thumbnail is generated during upload. You can change it during clip editing.
  • If you own a large collection of clips (>50) and have formatted tags in xls, csv, xml etc. (or you can extract this data from other databases), contact us please. In most cases we will be able to process your files automatically.

4: Earn!

  • After your clip has passed the review process, it will be placed online. Buyers everywhere will be able to search for, preview, pay for and download your content: instantly, online, 24-hours a day.


It’s that easy

To get started, you will need to register for a new account. 

Again, make sure that you understand our Motion Graphics Requirements before you submit media. 

Still have questions? Drop us a note.


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