World in Matrix

World in Matrix


HD mov 1920 x 1080 235 MB 39.00
SD mp4 854 x 480 78 MB 21.00
Web mp4 640 x 360 59 MB 14.00

Background with world and cyberspace elements. seamless loop.

ID: 7778   
Total Frames:300Downloads:0
Frames per Second:30Published:16/09/2011
Aspect Ratio:16:9 nativeCodec:main: mjpeg (Photo Jpeg), mp4: H264
Pixel aspect ratio:1Field Rendering:Progressive scan
Model release:NoProperty release:No
  • 3d animations,
  • broadcast design,
  • commercials spots,
  • corporate movies,
  • editing & compositing,
  • event reportages,
  • infographics,
  • jingles,
  • packshots,
  • presentations,
  • special effects,
  • sponsor bilboards,
  • visualisations



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